“I make glass which does not want to become art but rather a means of viewing and watching, I make non-technical devices which enlarge, reduce, mirror, dissociate the outer environment. I make screens, which filtrate the surrounding world into new variety of colors and shapes. I offer a confrontation of transformed reality with the primary, not the disfigured reality. For this I use, in the first place, the optical features of glass.”

“Glass is an exciting material. It is a matter as well as a non-matter. As real as unreal. As distinctive as an extension beyond itself, and thus casting doubt upon the experience of our senses. Moreover, glass is perhaps the only material which can be technologically developed all the time and thus adjusted for the realization of even the most phantasmagorical images and intents. Glass has a human character and fate.”

This is how Czech artist Vaclav Cigler  (born in Vsetín in 1929) – who has created glass sculptures for over 40 years – describes his craft. Cigler’s sculptures
require months of hard work before reaching the refined perfection the artist is looking for. You can admire the results in our gallery.

Vaclav Cigler is represented by Litvak Gallery.

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