AKB_08, the new Arrital “starred” kitchen

All the functionalities of a professional kitchen, designed in contemporary style, in your own house. The name AKB_08 sounds like a secret agent ‘s code but actually stands for the new 2016 kitchen by Arrital, a leading kitchen manufacturer based in Friuli- Italy. Born in partnership with chef Andrea Berton and presented at the last edition Eurocucina -Salone del Mobile Milano, AKB_08 is projectedas a real professional kitchen,while showcasing the elegant layout of Arrital’s design.

The eye of the designer seems to marry all chef’s needs.  Among AKB_08 character’s elements, the multi-function “Twice” worktable,a solution that should enable the user to expand the work plan or, getting up, to exploit the equipped and ergonomic cabinet in stainless steel with accessories and essential tools in dish preparation.  The removable cutting board tray “AKB_Board” is an intelligent system with a wooden -or Teflon – board placed on a steel tray, entirely removable so it can be used for serving.  The B letter at the end stands for Berton.

Creativity often needs the right light.  To grant a comfortable level of illumination in all chef’s activities, the AKB_08 kitchen “Focus on” lighting system, provides a dynamic handling of the lightning on the working area thanks to a sliding rail.  The “AKB Case” can double duty as a two level container and as a divider.  Other options – almost like in a supercar driving – are the Salamandra, whichkeeps the food to a determined temperature and the ‘heat blast’, capable to quickly bring down the temperature of a hot course, making it suitable for the refrigerator.  The “Majestic” hood – ideal for kitchen islands – and sink complete this kitchen design project.

The design is not just about aesthetic, but also about functionality.  As in the past for Ak_04, Arrital Art Director Franco Driusso entrusted the framed door concept, perfecting the design in creating a new “Floating core” solution, in which the lightness of esthetic marriage, with solid structures, creates a contemporary style.

AKB_08 generous shelving and countertops dimension are making this kitchen comparable to professional solutions: a “starry” kitchen in our own house.  


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