Anna Paghera, potions that perfume luxury

“And my father, my first teacher, who taught me that by tasting a tree, its flavor would be yours forever”. Anna Paghera takes inspiration from the fragrances containing that magic and mystery once associated with the ingredients of the fragrance compositions created in the herbal shop. Perfumes evoke positive sensations and can reveal our true essence. The Luxury gift box contains eight potions, in sophisticated and modern packaging, with bottles of a round shape, to evoke ancient ampoules. Each of them is identified by a different colored Murano glass seal, marked with the monogram of the brand. A curiosity: the real shape and measure of wisteria seeds inspired the idea of seals to characterized the eight fragrances, linked to as many colors and legendary evocative places. Rosso di Cipro (Cyprus Red), Blu d’Arabia (Blue of Arabia), Arancio di Tangeri(Orange of Tangier), Azzurro d’Ibla (Light blue of Ibla ), Giallo di Tebe(Thebes Yellow), Turchese di Nila (Nila Turquoise), Bianco di Ninive (White of Ninive), Verde di Kent (Greens of Kent), these are the eight fragrances available.

The eight potions can become ‘vegetable favors’ for your special occasions, or can go in the Ecological Box to preserve their essential oils. And to perfume private home and commercial spaces? Choose the Elixir, a distillate of six different elements, all essential to health, which together translate into the elixir of life. Compositions of medieval inspirations made to perfume, purify and sanitize the air and thoughts. Universal panacea to instantly restore an air of happiness in any place.


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