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Hilfiger inspired by an exotic adventure

Hilfiger Collection Resort 2016 is inspired by an exotic adventure, from Honolulu to l’Avana, to Martha’s Vineyard. It is a timeless informal look, inspired by muses like Brigitte Bardot and Bianca Jagger, for a sophisticated style, today like in the 50s and 60s. A nostalgic amusing look, with the classic Tommy Hilfiger touch and a pinch of zest.

The collection combines different references, from sailing, to surf and seafaring life. A nautical mix of bright color-blocks in red, white and blue to celebrate the classic Tommy Hilfiger color palette with vibrant and intense nuances. Prints combine tropical floral motifs, sailor stripes and images inspired by postcards from the 50s. Very feminine pleated skirts, in stripes or prints, while pants with sailor blazer, are the season must-have match. The Latin look of l’Avana inspired the use of bright earth nuances and liquid forms, with mini-dresses and plain or multi-stripes shirts. Here, the masculine look merges with the feminine, evoking typical American sports such as baseball and bowling, for a cool and a bit retro collection. The base garments of the classic spring wardrobe are reinterpreted with clean lines and ironic prints; Ithaca stripes in nautical style are combined with chambray and seersucker fabrics.

Accessories complete the sporty clean look, with the classic red, white and blue colors. Amusing summer patterns are combined with the classic Tommy Hilfiger stripes. Fabrics are soft and luxurious, forms are fluid. The iconic bucket handbag is reinterpreted in destructured chamois with accents of gold, while the classic high sneakers are transformed in seafaring style espadrilles.


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