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Pleasant aggressivity” is the fil rouge of the new FENDI Resort 2016 Collection. Thought for a feminine yet sharp woman. Where a bold appearance hides a gentle smile.The Sterlizia (Bird of Paradise) flower, after making its first appearance on the Fall/Winter 2015-16 fashion show catwalk, really starts it all! A very feminine yet graphic stylistic element. It is taken it to its extreme declination, transformed, explored inside out and investigated to its very far end. It appears very soft when printed on silk. In a micro beads embroidery on skirts and headbands. Interwoven on knitwear. As applied framis or leather for long and short linear jackets.  Inlaid on multicolor fur coats and gilets or interwoven on a long mink fur. Replicated in infinite variations experimenting with several materials. A collection with strong contrasts. Graphic shapes, squared necklines, linear leather collars and pockets are combined with soft silks and cottons. Girly shirts opposed to boxy shorts. A sporty attitude relies in the pipings that sign the profiles of soft and morbid figures- a signature in all the collections and a FENDI constant together with FENDI iconic shapes like parkas, bombers and blazers. The Selleria leather jacket becomes silver in a whole new refreshed version. The FENDI logo appears on sweatshirts in fur or shearling, an homage to the FENDI DNA. Rocky studs meet with glamorous crystals on knitwear, shoes and on the black mink biker.

Each material is reworked and transposed to its opposite-playing on its false appearance. FENDI’s magic trick of savoir-faire for a unique surprising effect. A strong modern statement relies in the cool denim non denim. Printed on silk for shirts, dresses and skirts or on quilted cotton for parkas, inside out mink bomber furs, reversible shearling jackets and also on shoes. Cotton that looks like denim. And real denim rigorously with fur details… A provocative invitation to guess which one it is! Lace is pulled away from its stereotype. Laser cut pony hair and cotton create the lace effect in a contemporary reinterpretation of it together with unique knitwear workmanships for skirt, shirts, dresses and coats.

Leather is interwoven with cotton with a unique workmanship for a long trench, jacket and combo shirt/skirt. The Sterlizia inspires the color palette, bringing on stage all the warm shades of yellow, ochre and orange mainly on white backgrounds with a small touch of black and of lagoon and jungles blues. Cactus greens with red profiles characterize a whole new world including a unique new Cioccolatino mink reversible parka fur. The new Dotcom bag makes its debut in the Resort 2016 Collection. Sophisticated and elegant yet functional and trendy at the same time. Squared shape and a double space-life bag. Features an internal removable pouch that gives the color to the frontal leather dot. Flat short handles with studs and a long leather strap, that can be personalized with ones initials. Peekaboo, mini Peekaboo, By the Way, mini By the Way, Baguette, mini backpack, Micro bags are in line with the general collection trend and are featured in denim with embroideries or color block leather versions.  Rigorously with the new FENDI ABCharms, round fur lucky charms with initials in contrast.



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