Disaronno Riserva when liqueur marries Scotch whisky

DISARONNO Riserva results from marring the most loved Italian liqueur with a Scotch whisky aged in Cantina Florio’s oak barrels, in Marsal. This exceptional product is the result of an innovative and intriguing idea created by two companies Illva Saronno and Cantine Florio, where the Duca di Salaparuta wines are produced: Corvo and Florio, and today Disaronno Riserva as well An exclusive product thought by Augusto Reina, CEO and chairman of the company, after a trip DISARONNO to the Scottish Highlands and Speyside, places that provides the perfect whisky for. From Scotland whisky moves to Saronno, historical headquarter of the company, and ends up in Marsala, at Cantine Florio wine cellars, where  DISARONNO  Riserva has its ageing process. Nothing is left to chance. The cellars’ proximity to the sea, combined with the temperature and the humidity, creates optimum conditions for the ageing process.The resulting product offers notes of vanilla, almonds and fruit with a peppery, dried fruit and madeira finish, excellent neat but also on the rocks. The exclusive production is limited to in 10,000 bottles only, and presented in an elegant black wood package.

DISARONNO is the best drunk Italian liqueur in the world, for over 500 years it’s been a symbol of Made in Italy. The bottle features a unique design in bush-hammered glass and with a cap and gold label enhancing its elegant contemporary style. DISARONNO has always been the protagonist for unique cocktails everywhere in the world    


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