The entire world of Trussardi for the first time…

The brand of Greyhound chooses the artist-photographer Talia Chetrit to capture the world Trussardi in a video & in a series of shots and striking multi faceted sport which highlights the different souls who live in it and at the same time the strong synergy that combines creating a common thread from the strong emotional impact.The advertising campaign for the Fall/Winter 2015-16 unifies, for the first time, the entire world Trussardi under a single creative concept to express and tell visually the three lines of the maison. They are thus highlighted, through a mix of iconic images and glamour, the distinctive values ??of each of them: the effortless elegance for Trussardi, the spirit of urban chic for Tru Trussardi and finally the denim fine for Trussardi Jeans.

The universe Trussardi takes shape thanks to iconographic representations that represent moments of expressiveness of the characters that interpret, in an image captured by the emotional speaking of personality and character with different nuances: the same shades that highlight the difference between the attitude of the three labels in a modern context but maintains loyalty to the heritage of TrussardiThe faces chosen to represent the spirit of iconic and relaxed, the essential design and refined materials of the house are those of Amanda Murphy and Matthew Terry. Group’s Creative Director Gaia Trussardi says: “Taliahas the talent of immediacy and is a great artist with a fine aesthetic and the great capacity to create images rarefied and vibrant at the same time.”

Starting from August the campaign will be seen in the most important fashion magazines and lifestyle, as well as in outdoor, online, on and social media brand (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Sina Weibo) as well as in all the boutiques of the Trussardi Group.


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