Deemed one of the most important fashion photographers in the world, Mario Testino is definitely a true icon. Famous for his celebrity shots, that include Lady DMadonna and Kate Moss, the Peruvian-born artist distinguishes himself from the others with its unique, spontaneous and sincere style.

More private than public, the exhibition hosted by the Pinacoteca Agnelli in Turin from May 17  to September 14, 2014 will feature some artwork collected by the photographer. Tauba AuerbachRichard AvedonCecil BeatonGlenn Ligon,Jonathan MonkUgo RondinoneCindy ShermanAdriana Varejão and Andy Warhol are some of the artists that have been (and still are) influencing Testino’s work both on set and in real life.

The event is called “SOMOS LIBRES II”(“We Are Free”) and it was first launched at MATE, a cultural association dedicated to Testino in his hometown of Lima, in Peru.

The concept of creative freedom is the exhibition’s central idea as it’s the key-element enabling the synergy between art, fashion and photography.  In addition to the  aforementioned artwork, some additional shots selected by the photographer will also be on display, highlighting his fervid passion not only for art, but also for artists and their influencers alike.

1)  Cyprien Gaillard, Not Yet Titled, 2010, Oil and screenprint on canvas 82.5 x 101 cm (32 1/2 x 39 3/4 in)

Courtesy Laura Bartlett Gallery, London 
2) Cecil Beaton, Nancy Beaton as a Shooting Star for the Galaxy Ball, 1929 Silver Gelatin print, 71.5 x 60.3 cm (20 x 14.5 in)


Courtesy The Cecil Beaton Studio Archive at Sotheby’s 
3) Tauba Auerbach Untitled (fold), 2011 152.4 x 114.3 cm, Courtesy of STANDARD (OSLO), Oslo Photographer Davina Semo 




Somos Libres II at the Pinacoteca Gianni e Marella Agnelli 17th May – 14th September 2014 
5) Anne Collier, Photography, 2009, C-print, 127 x 145.8 cm (50 x 57.4 in)


Courtesy Corvi-Mora, London; Anton Kern Gallery, New York; Marc Foxx, Los Angeles 
6) Ugo Rondinone, No. 221 DREIZEHNTERSEPTEMBERZWEITAUSENDUND- NULL, 2000, Acrylic on canvas, 220 cm (86.61 in) diameter


Copyright: Ugo Rondinone, courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London 
7) John Stezaker, Mask XXXIII, 2007, Collage, 53 x 38.5 cm (20.87 x 15.16 in) 


Courtesy of The Approach, London 
8) Adriana Varejão, Blue Sauna, 2003, Oil on canvas, 195 x 290 cm (76.77 x 114.17 in)


Courtesy of the artist and Lehmann Maupin, New York and Hong Kong 

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