Jewels of Taste in show at Palazzo Morando

Jewels and food inspired the exhibition “Jewels of Taste. Enchanting stories among gourmet ornaments”, open to the public from September 18th to December 8th, 2015 at Palazzo Morando in Milan. The exhibition is part of Expo in Città kermesse, and will be the meeting point between the worlds of jewelry and food. It will include over 200 fascinating designer pieces, in a fantastic mix of jewelry, fashion jewelry and fashion accessories, inspiring at times serious, at times surreal or fantastic considerations on the relationship between food and ornament. The event, curated by Maria Canella, Mariateresa Chirico and Anty Pansera, is sponsored by the City of Milan Culture, and produced by the Memoria e Progetto, in cooperation with the University of Milan, the Galdus professional school and Cooro cooperative.

Food intended as something precious is connected to Expo’s theme of the food. Food, thanks to its auspicious meaning of wealth and life, traverses the history of jewelry, from ancient ornaments to contemporary pieces, and cultures near and far, from Ancient Greece to eighteenth century China. Grapes, pomegranates, pineapple, strawberries, but also wheat, pea pods, mushrooms, tomatoes, pasta, fish, crabs, eggs and game, every kind of food have an artistic role in the exhibition.

In a fantastic journey, suggested by the exhibition’s installation, designed by Alejandro Ruiz, using the display cases of DACA Vetrina d’Autore, visitors are led between gourmand ornaments organized in four distinct areas.The Taste of Jewels section focuses on real jewels, beautiful nineteenth-century pieces from the De Marchi collection and Art Deco items.  The Taste of Fashion hosts culinary inspirations in the world of fashion by Moschino, Ferre, Missoni, Marras, Krizia. The Contemporary Taste section presents a collection of unique or very small series, while the Vintage Taste section hosts a series of fashion jewels designed between the early nineteenth century and the nineties.

After the first edition in Milan, Jewels of Taste begins an itinerary that, starting from Brazil in March 2016, will take the exhibition anywhere in the world.


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