Buccellati Timeless Style

The Buccellati brand, with almost a hundred years of history, it is among the most famous Italian goldsmith “dynasties” and starts with talented founder Mario Buccellati who introduced a series of innovative texture-engraving techniques in the 20’s, which will later become the hallmark of the brand. Iconic examples of the ingenious techniques -still used nowadays -are the “sforato”, meant to emulate tulle, the “a gemina” technique and “honeycomb” texture, signature of the house and capable of making the metal almost invisible on the skin.

Buccellati Band Rings conjugate the precious heredity with an iper contemporary appeal. In few inches, the rings enclose a plethora of suggestions : the proportions between full and empty spaces is revealing of excellence in craftsmanship, the engravings “ornato” and “rigato” technique suggestive of soft fabric textures, the sparkling diamonds variations and multiform dimensions conveying luxuriousness. The impressive, timeless bold central precious stone can be found in every piece. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies, yellow diamonds and aquamarine all commands attention with their vivacious colors.   «Our products are timeless – says Buccellati president and creative director Andrea Buccellati – we are never in vogue neither out of style. Fashion couture inspires ideas for contemporary wearing style». Buccellati jewelry collections are always modern in expressing their original DNA progression.

In 1951, Buccellati became the first Italian jewelry designer with a location on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Still faithful to his origins but up to date like never before, Buccellati creations are masterpieces of elegance in a jewel format.  


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