The tale of Tales, the new magical movie by Matteo Garrone at Cannes

Lo Cunto de li Cunti, translated from the Neapolitan dialect as “The tale of Tales”, is a collection of  50 fairy tales in Neapolitan language written by Gianbattista Basile between 1634 and 1636. The new movie by Matteo Garrone (The Tale of Tales) is based on Lo Cunto de li Cunti and brings back the Roman director to the Cannes Film Festival, seven years after Gomorra and three after Reality, both winning by the Special Jury Award and Grand Prix prize.

The movie tells the stories of kings, queens, orcs and magical creatures. The trade d’union is a family of circus artists travelling from village to village with their caravan, and visiting the three kingdoms’ castles of the movie. Forget about heroes and romantic princes, the protagonists of the three stories are all women, in three different stages of life: a dreaming young girl, an overprotective and jealous mother, a naïve old women. They all have to go through difficult challenges that will dramatically change them. Basile’s fairy tales delighted several generations and the collection – also known as Pantamerone – is the most ancient of Europe, and includes famous tales like Cinderella, Puss in Boots, and the Sleeping Beauty.

Matteo Garrone chose an International cast for his stories: Salma Hayek is the Queen of Longtrelli, obsessed with the desire of having a baby, Vincent Cassel is the King of Strongcliff, whose passion for women will bring him troubles, Stacy Martin (star of Nymphomaniac by Lars Von Trier)is the King’s obsession, and Tobt Jones, King of Highhills, is more emotionally attached to a giant flea than to his daughter Viola (Bebe Cave). Sit back (the movie will be released May 14) and let it take you in a magical timeless world of kings and queens, princes and princesses. Once upon a time… usually the tales begin this way, and it can definitely be the beginning of The tale of the Tales by Matteo Garrone


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