San Luis, luxury and uncontaminated nature

Imagine your dream vacation: a primordial encounter with nature with all the services and comfort of a top level hospitality. That’s what you can get at the San Luis – Private Retreat Hotel & Lodges, the new luxury resort that rises at Avelengo/Hafling (a few km from Merano/Meran), around a 5 800 sq. m lake in an unspoiled reserve, set in 40 hectares of alpine park.

Can a treehouse be a dream hotel suite? Yes if it is made in the precious Mondholz wood and can feature a SPA offering the state-of-the-art in beauty and wellness. Here at the San Luis – Private Retreat Hotel & Lodges, the new generation of the Meister family continue the tradition in excellent hospitality started by the Meister Hotel Irma 91 years ago, and bring it to a whole new level. At the Hotel Irma there was a single treehouse, so romantic and cozy that everyone wanted to book it. From that unique suite the whole San Luis project is born. Innovation and creativity mixed with tradition, nature and art of hospitality, this was the San Luis challenge. Alex and Claudia Meister, the fourth generation of the family, won it.

  To accommodate the guests the San Luis – Private Retreat Hotel & Lodges offers26 chalets, from a studio for two to the biggest two floor suites for up to 7 people, all have terraces with view on the lake or over the breathtaking mountains. Each chalet has its own fireplace, private sauna and internet connection. Nested in the heart of the ancient alpine park there are 16 treehouses, they look like they are suspended in the air, built between the branches, even if they are absolutely solid and anchored to the terrain. Here you will have absolute privacy and at the same time enjoy all the comfort offered by the San Luis – Private Retreat Hotel & Lodges, starting from the exceptional material selected to furnish each room. The result can be summarized in a single word: fairytale.  

Your palate will be satisfied by the creativity of the starred chef Arturo Spicocchi. Everything here is selected from the best sources worldwide and possibly locally grown. Thanks to the cooperation with the farms around the property, the San Luis – Private Retreat Hotel & Lodges pantry can be filled by over 100 different species of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs, most of them ancient, precious and impossible to find anywhere else.  

True luxury today cant but be somehow green, that is why, besides melting perfectly in the surrounding environment, the San Luis – Private Retreat Hotel & Lodges banned any kind of iron, nails, bolts and screws from its structures, here everything -from the wooden floors to the wooden roofs made with larch shingles- has been built using techniques handed down over time. To keep you warm the heating system uses only pellets obtained from the nearby wood. Fitness, hiking, cross country skiing, excursion to discover the beautiful region of Alto-Adige -home to a varied culture, rich in legend and tradition: your next dream vacation starts here, in a treehouse with view on the San Luis.

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