New Jaguar XE, the sedan with a sports soul

A new jaguar is on the roads. The new Jaguar XE is a mix between a sports coupé and an elegant sedan. The hood is elongated, and recalls the legendary Jaguar E-Type. The rear end is very short, and the interiors give immediately the idea of a luxury car. The new sedan aims to take on the likes of the German Bmw, Audi and Mercedes-benz, dominants in the segment. Forms play with balance, the sweeping silhouette creates a sporting profile with a touch of elegance. The headlights recall the super sporty F-Type, the twin exhausts is the mark of its racing soul. The Jaguar’s world is unveiled once you open the door. The hugging seats of the jaguar are low, the asymmetric steering wheel enhances instrumentations and the console is totally at your fingertips. Materials and fabrics are the finest, fully respecting the unchanged tradition of the  English brand. The aluminum engines have been improved with the use of the latest technologies. Both gasoline and diesel models provide a smooth and also fun ride. Diesel engines – like the 180 hp 2.0 cc – have really low consumption on the highway, around 20 Km/l. The 240 hp gasoline engine is more fun to drive but of course has higher consumption.

For lovers of race track there is the “S” variant, 340 hp V-6 engine, the same as the F-Type. From 0 to 110 in 5,1 sec and a max speed of 250 km/h. Four variants available: Pure (basic), Prestige, Portfolio, R-Sport and S. The rims are 19’’ and 20’’ optional. The multimedia technology allows you to personalize the sound system with up to 11 speakers. The safety standards will make your journey pleasant thanks to the standard dynamic controls. The Jaguar XE hits the nail with its bold lines and the elegance of interiors. The British style does not disappoint the purists of the brand and all those who want dynamics with no compromises. The station wagon model is expected for the coming months. In the meantime the Jaguar is free to hit the road with its unmistakable style, the timeless Jaguar style.




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