Bentley Grand Convertible redefines luxury

The ultimate expression of British automotive luxury is imagined with the powerful Bentley Grand Convertible, iconic yet understated in style and fashioned entirely handmade from the very finest materials. Bentley unveiled the last jewel of the Crewe’s Maison at the Los Angeles Auto Show, together with the Mulsanne Speed sedan. A concept car just for a few. The ultimate expression of the British luxury automobile, elegance beyond compare, a limited-edition 4 wheels masterpiece. Resplendent in Sequin Blue, originally a bespoke color created from a single sequin from a customer’s haute couture gown,the Grand Convertible features a silver “liquid metal” finish to the bonnet and windscreen frame.  Contrasting the rich blue body work is the Bentley directional wheel design, handed to the left and right sides of the car and finished by hand before being polished to a high shine. Unparalleled style and effortless performance with 537 PS of torque from Bentley’s legendary 6,75-litre twin-turbo V8 engine, same of the flagship MulsanneThe refined and comfortable interior of the Grand Convertible is a showcase for the abilities of Bentley’s master craftsmen. 14 naturally tanned leather hides are merged together with progressive-diamond quilting.Bright blue is used to highlight the extraordinary skill of Bentley’s trim specialists, with Sequin Blue thread cross-stitched by hand through the linen-colored leather.The tonneau itself, in dark-stained Burr Walnut, provides the most significant example of Bentley craftsmanship, it features the largest piece of wood veneer ever applied to a Bentley. Fashioned entirely by hand, this expanse of veneer is only paralleled by the creations of the world’s best furniture makers.


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