Audi TT Roadster, open air sport driving

Sport driving under the sun propelled by a 310-horsepower roaring engine – it’s Audi’s offer with new versions of TT and TTS Roadster, two vehicles defined by a compact and enrapturing design. Presented at Paris Motor Show, both German bolides combine excellent engineering with avant-garde technology. The highlight of this 3rd generation TT is embodied by the Audi Virtual Cockpit. For the first time, digital instrumentation gives detailed visual information to the driver and enhances the range of vision. Thanks to a new control and visualization system, the interior of Audi TT has already been hailed as the most innovative of the year by the Automotive Interiors Expo Awards. Talking about power, two super-charged engines move the TT Roadster – a TDI and a TFSI; on the other hand, the TTS Roadster is thrust by a bold TFSI. Power ranges from 184 to 310 HP, able to grant lots of fun while keeping the mileage lower than the previous TT series. However, what makes the Roadster special is the “en plein air” drive. The flat and rigid capote, just like all convertible Audis, is made of fabric, activated electrically, and available in 3 standard colors: black, titanium grey, and jive. The cover is built of high quality materials such as magnesium, aluminum and steel with a weight of only 39 kg. When operated, the top folds into a Z in just 10 seconds even at cruise speeds of up to 50 km/h. Who says that elegance can’t follow sport design? The 2-passenger cabin is as comfortable as a tailor-made suit. The look of the TT Roadster is streamlined; its lines transmit a sense of dynamism with an energetic essence that turns the automobilist into the real protagonist. Of course, Audi leaves it up to the customer to equip this jewel to his/her liking, from leather and Alcantara linings, to customizable rings on the air vents. 



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