Aeronautica Militare at Pitti Immagine Uomo

Aeronautica militare presents the premiere of SS 2016 collection in Florence, during the 80th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo. Three lines of clothing and accessories, as well as watches, realized with light and natural fabrics mixed with technical and innovative materials, named: Official, Heraldry and Action. The context of the presentation made even more explicit all the contents that made strong the Italian brand over the years.

Official proposes basics like t-shirts, polos, pants, sweaters and jackets, in both soft spring colors and vivid summer colors, including the unique leather jackets also worn by pilots. Heraldry and Action collections instead, aim at a more sophisticated target audience, those looking  for unique products, those who want to feel like part of the early Aeronautica Militare Italiana, and, consequently, of the World War I, this year celebrating its centenary.

The collection focuses on the symbols used at that time, like the most glorious squadrons’ original crests and the gold turreted eagle, which inspired the mood of the whole collection. Action perfectly shows the stylistic innovations of SS 2016 collection: all pieces are garment dyed and colors are the classic of military style: washed blue, mud and sage green. Together with the crests, there are also wrtings and stencil in perfect military style. And new helmets, results of the collaboration with the two partner teams in MotoGP and Moto 3.In occasion of the 88th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo, Aeronautica Militare presents the innovative material HiGLASS. HiGLASS is a revolutionary material, an exclusive high-performance fiberglass composed mainly by silica and Boric oxide, same elements used for the space suits of the astronauts,  with a temperature control effect. HiGLASS allows to keep body temperature constant: in summer time it has a solar control function, reducing the incoming heat and keeping body temperature constant; in winter time it isolates from the cold, holding the body temperature.  Aeronautica Militare is one of the most famous Italian sportswear fashion brand created thanks to a special agreement granted by the General Staff Military of Aereonautica to Christiano of Thiene Spa. Today the brand has a true authentic history conveying energy and enthusiasm. Craftsmanship combined to stylistic talent to give life to a winning mix of values.


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