The Uffizi in Casal di Principe winning for legality

For the first time in Italy an exhibition in a house confiscated from a Camorra mafia boss. The light wins the shadow | the Uffizi in Casal di Principe is the name of the exhibition held in Casal di Principe, near Caserta, from June 21 to October 21, featuring 20 works of art to demonstrate a sincere commitment to civic recovery and underline the supremacy of culture over ignorance. The works exposed cover the period from the 17th to the 20th century. Thanks to “the Uffizi in Casal di Principe”, a real Renaissance of ideas and concrete actions began in the territory concerned, involving the most innovative local realities.

The paintings come from the collections  of major cultural places like the Uffizi, the Museum of Capodimonte, the Royal Palace of Caserta and the Campania Museum in Capua, and have been chosen for their relationship with the territory: a selection never exhibited before, result of the collaboration of curators with national partners, all supporting the challenge presented by R_Ribirth: to show works of arts from the most important national museum, for the first time in a house confiscated from Camorra, restored and made available to the citizens.

An exhibition using art as a vehicle to support a revolution that is changing the present and the future of a tortured land, at the center of terrible news, but with a great desire of rebirth. The exhibition, curated by the Uffizi director Antonio Natali , withMarta Onali, and Fabrizio Vona, director of Regionale Museum Complex of Puglia region, coincides with the 18th event of “La città degli Uffizi”, a calendar of off-site exhibitions, born seven years ago, with the aim of promoting locations worthy of attention, and based on the great cultural and historical influence of the main Italian museum.

The artists exposed are those who were fascinated by the expression of Caravaggio. Eight paintings come from the Florentine gallery – number one museum in the world for visitors density – and nine paintings from the Museum of Capodimonte. “Hurry” by Andy Warhol from the collection Terrae Motus in the Reggia di Caserta and  a “Mater Matuta” of Capua, representing dawn for the ancient Romans, find their temporary collocation.

‘Art and redemption’ is the fil rouge of the exhibition, also confirmed by the project that was born from the collaboration between Uffizi and the Municipality of Casal di Principe,  along with 80 young volunteers of the area Casale “ambassadors of rebirth”, which will be selected in Casal di Principe among people with no relationship with criminals or mafia, destined to welcome tourists visiting the exhibition and emphasize local excellence and the battles won against camorra. Because this land is rich of cultural beauties just waiting to be discovered.

The light wins the shadow | the Uffizi in Casal di Principe

21 June – 21 October 2015

Casa Don Peppe Diana, Casal di Principe (Ce)

Exhibition under the Hight Patronage of  the President of the Italian Republic 



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