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The whole world will be enjoying the new Victoria’s Secret runway on December 8, when it will be airing on CBS (in 185 different countries), but the sexiest lingerie fashion show in the world has been recorded in New York November 10 and images and video-clip snippets full of toned flesh, shining locks, generous cleavages and jewel-drenched lingerie have already been hitting Instagram and twitter with a special attention to the show’s wondrous centrepiece: the Fantasy Bra. This year for the first time the breasts of Victoria’s Secret stunning model Lily Aldridge have had the honor of wearing the jewelry masterpiece created by the label’s traditional jeweler Pascal Mouawad, which will have a price tag of $2 million.

The sleek demi-shaped bra contains more than 14 different precious stones, 6,500 gems including 126 diamonds (for a total weight of more than 375 carats), blue topaz, yellow sapphires and pink quartz, all set in 18-karat gold. It required 685 hours of work and the makers did a body cast of the 29-year-old Angel’s body and molded it to give a perfect fit. In total, the combined weight of all the stones is just under 1,364 carats, while even the panties pack a punch, dotted with 126 diamonds and 400 other precious stones. The complete outfit also feature a detachable belt complete with many precious stones.

Every year, the Fantasy bra is given a name that reflects its qualities, this year’s bra “Fireworks” has a swirl of colorful gems on each bra cup (as well as an extraordinary walnut-sized ruby lodged between the breasts) and two gemstone “explosions” positioned on the matching belt. The belt and bra strap feature a line of nude and pink stones that are designed so they do not take attention away from the explosions of color, which do indeed evoke the color and shimmer of a holiday fireworks display.

Do you need a new bra? Do you have $2 million dollars to spend? Well if so, then this is the perfect bra for you.


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