Aegusa 2001, the best Florio Marsala Reserve

The best Florio Marsala Reserve in a bottle. The Aegusa label – the ancient name the Greek’s gave to Favignana, an island which once belonged to the Florio family, because of its butterfly-like shape – represents the best marsala of the first decade of the new century. The chosen vintage is 2001, a fine marsala, the offspring of a long story and ancient traditions passed down over the centuries, contained in a Limited Edition bottle with a design that is surprisingly modern and exquisite in its shape and concept. A jewel in precious white gold, made using the innovative 3D printing.

After maturing in the patient silence of Florio’s cellars, Aegusa 2001 joins the range comprising six fine Aegusa Reserves  (1941, 1952, 1964, 1974, 1989, 1994), each representative of its decade, has a full, warm, velvet-soft flavor on the palate. This Limited Edition includes an exceptional wine, with its thousand nuances of color and flavor, and an exclusive bottle. The 3D printing is one of the latest, most innovative technologies, a process used to make three-dimensional objects impossible to achieve with any other technology. The result is a unique product, made in precious white gold to enhance the finest Florio Reserve.

Florio is the symbol of quality marsala, transmitting unique sensations because it encapsulates the story of a family, a territory and wines realized with great mastery. An whole world  solidly based on traditions but which cannot resist always looking to the future, living in the present. All the Aegusa Reserves’s main quality is persistence. On tasting they reveal a complete harmony with scents of spices and tobacco, which over the years will continue to evolve in the bottle, taking on a thousand new color, bouquet and flavor nuances. Great heritage and innovative spirit shown in the bottle as well as in its content, to make every sip exquisite.






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