Once again we are about to talk about Ferrari, and we couldn’t do otherwise. At less than 24 hours from reaching the record 15m followers mark on its Facebook page, the prestigious maker from Maranello is again at the centre of attention.

To celebrate in style the incredible number of FB followers, Ferrari has decided to take its fans to test drive the vehicle that better embodies the brand’s revolutionary and avant-garde spirit: theLaFerrari model.

LaFerrari is an unique car, destined to redefine the standards of performance vehicles thanks to its aerodynamic solutions, its chassis,  its hybrid system, its reduced dimensions, but also to the HY-KERS project

Let’s celebrate together with the famous prancing horse maker the crossing of this important finishing line with a gallery dedicated to LaFerrari but also with a video: click here to watch it.

And now, everyone on board.

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