Mosaico+ Soul Water, immersion in the deepest blue

Each mosaic is different from the other. To imagine and create mosaics in a different way from everyone else is the mission of Mosaico+, a company with headquarters in Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia), entirely devoted to promote Made in Italy. Italian culture intended not only as an artistic manifestation, but as an expression of a profound interest in attaining overall specialization and practicality. 

Many collections with the same soul. The Soul Water has the deepest blue at its core,  an evocative title for the mosaic composition that combines complementary meanings in its choice of subject and the material used. Water is a vital resource, a fluid space that conveys sensations and feelings of lightness, transparency, revelation. Its clear surface or the powerful motion of its waves express a creative energy that fascinates us, drawing us on to explore the deepest abysses, where nature verges on fantasy in its colors, its shapes and its uncontaminated beauty.

Exactly the vibrations and feelings conveyed by glass, with its infinite colors and luminous transparency, broken down into the small 10×10 chip size of the Vetrina collection. A mosaic offered in an unusual mix in the Aquaemundi exhibit, with sanded glass chips from the Tanticolori collection, for an effective interpretation of the limpid clarity of water and the intensity of the colors transfixed by the light.  The “soul of water” symbolically acquires form, stating its message across modular panels, used to create different yet seamless solutions, adaptable to different spaces.

A wide range of artistic mosaics, with possibility of customized compositions and special projects according to clients’ taste. From its research to production processes, from the selection of raw materials to product assembly: Mosaico+ products are at the top of the made in Italy production system for their quality and professionalism, appreciated all over the world.


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