Carlo Colombo: not only a designer, but also an architect and an interiors specialist. In all specialties he distinguished himself from competitors by interpreting the spirit of Italy’s bigger brands, winning also a contract for the development of two major skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi. Amongst his client we find DePadova, Guzzini, Artemide, Flou, but alsoLevi’s, Antonio Lupi, Cappellini and, more recently, Trussardi Casa.
Tomaso Trussardi has declared to the press that with Carlo Colombo “has been a reciprocal understanding, rather than a choice”. How did it happen?  
Yes it’s true, it was reciprocal. When you start working in a new partnership, having some sort of common DNA is extremely important: the world is full of professionals. You need to feel a human affinity – which is essential to correctly interpret the brand – and then to translate it into a convincing project, such as in this case, where we were challenged to interpret Trussardi’s historic role in the fashion world, but in regards to interior design items. It went so well it’s safe to say that this partnership is only going to become more intense.
Any previews?
No, I’m afraid I can’t. I can only say that this partnership is getting stronger and we are planning other collaborations in the future.
How much of Carlo Colombo is in Trussardi Casa?
A lot. Attention for details but also more formal research, the uniqueness of this collection, which I feel very much, is becoming more and more Milanese every day. From lamps to sofas, through chairs and armchairs – such as the “A-Round”, which is becoming the collection’s flagship item – we are developing a neat style mixed with an ironic vision of the act of sitting, a fundamental part of my production.

What is your secret?

I can’t reveal my secret, but I can tell you what inspires me. Achille Castiglioni taught me the concepts of memory and irony. Memory because a product must be recognisable. An object capable of attracting the customer’s attention, desirable, that must share a past. The contrary goes for irony, everybody needs a sprinkle of lighthearted fun. And of course, everything must be translated in your own signature style.
You have distinguished yourself from the others for your versatility indeveloping elements: from design, to interiors through architecture. Do you ever get stuck?

No, never. Actually, when I embark on new projects, I’m always at full speed. That’s the beauty of our job: every day it brings a new challenge and my luck is to be able to be part of so many different projects.

How does it feel to be developing a skyscraper that will host millions of visitors, such as the Abu Dhabi one?
It’s a joy, it’s so beautiful, I can’t really put it in words. It’s the epitome of a long journey. You get there after years of hard work, but it will last forever.
What is luxury for you?
Having time for myself, which unfortunately doesn’t happen.

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