Bugatti Pur Sang Duotone by Montegrappa

Inspired by Bugatti cult supercar Veyron, the historic Italian Montegrappa brand introduces a new range of writing instruments : the Bugatti Pur Sang Duotone line. The design reflects Ettore Bugatti notorious passion for horses in every detail, starting with the series name. The term “pur sang “ -French for thoroughbred- has been profusely employed by Bugatti in his own cars description. With a look that replicates the famous Veyron car model -which sported a stirrups shaped radiator and a grid crafted in the form of a horse’s shoe, Montegrappa parallelisms with the concept gets real life.

The result is a charismatic and personalized product of superior craftsmanship, perfectly in tone with the Bugatti tradition. The Bugatti Pur Sang Duotone caps and barrels join metal components are made using high quality Italian resin. Recollections of the Bugatti masterpiece car are also included in the stunning dual -color scheme choices for the pens: Indigo Blue and Rhodium, Bugatti Blue and Rhodium, Matte Black and Ruthenium, Argus Pheasant Brown and Rose Gold, with a Pearl variation for the Rose Gold.  

The Veyron fancy interiors idea is rendered by the “dynamic quilting” pattern engraving in the pens surface of Bugatti Pur Sang Duotone. Offered in version fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils, the most precious of the line is -naturally-the 18k gold fountain pen with a Bugatti logo engraved for the nib. The logo is also reproduced on the pen cap, while the ring incision suggests the Veyron headlights shape. Elegantly packaged in fashionable sporty appeal boxes, the Bugatti Pur Sang Duotone pens are more inducing of dreamlike states rather than been just writing instruments.

Montegrappa historic establishment, located in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, produces luxury products and it is in operation since 1912. Born in 1909 , Italian craftsmanship heritage -reflected in the logo – French appeal and German supreme engineering are distinctive for the Bugatti marque , nowadays part of the Volkswagen Group. The current Bugatti Veyron hypercar version, Grand Sport Vitesse, is the most powerful and fastest series roadster in the world.   In creating his Bugatti Pur Sang line, Montegrappa contributes to the legend today with his accurate – and highly recognizable – signature.  




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