ULTRACICLI offers modern bicycles designed by hand combining both hi-tech and traditional handcrafting. ULTRACICLI mixes contemporary style with the uniqueness of the hand-built, as if every bicycle was a tailor made suit. The result is much more than a bicycle. A conceptual and physical summary of technology and aesthetics turned into a collection of one-off and limited edition bicycles, unique, upscale and exclusive with an urban feeling. In 2011, ULTRACICLI’s first store launched in Pietrasanta, Tuscany. The project was called “The True Story of the Impossible Pop-Up Store”. Its uniqueness was awarded by Brand Spaces, an international publication featuring unusual commercial spaces. The opening of the second pop-up store has excited  Milan’s interest. No city better than Italy’s fashion capital captures the urban spirit. Today ULTRABOX * ULTRACICLI (full name of the project) is the single Italian reference celebrating the concept of Urban lifestyle cyclingInside the pop-up store, you can always find a gathering of top international brands and specific spare parts to meet every demand, including re-styling. For the cyclist seeking customization, ULTRACICLI offers a tailor-made ride to match any personality. This is the idea behind the BTO offer, which stands for build-to-order, designed to meet the demands of an extremely specific clientele seeking quality and originality. The highlight of the ULTRACICLI collection is dedicated to the “Specials”, a series of bicycles completely handmade and proudly 100% Italian. The “Urban” collection is suitable for fast paced city trips. The “Volata” will satisfy those with no time to lose, yet looking for style. Last but not least, is the “Doppietta“, which has already obtained a leading role amongst buyers. For the entry-level cyclist, also offered is the more affordable “Risorgimento“. Approximate pricing for an ULTRACYCICLI bicycle starts at 1500 euros.


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