“Costruttori di bellezza”the success of Santoni becomes a book

“Creators of beauty. The philosophy of man footwear according to Santoni.” It’s the new volume of the series “Artistic crafts” edited by Marsilio Publishers and realized by the Artistic crafts Cologni Foundation in collaboration with Santoni, one of the most world renowned Italian craftsmanship brand of excellence. For the first time we can read about the case-history of this company and unveil the most interesting aspects of one of the manufacturing industry considered the Italy’s flagships in the world. “The story takes place in an extraordinary shoe factory: that of Andrew and Joseph Santoni, bothmaster craftsmen as well as entrepreneurs”, writes Franco Cologni in the volume introduction. “It’s  in Corridonia, in the heart of the footwear district in the Marche, where the Italian shoes, desired and admired all over the world, are created, the Santoni family has managed to construct over the years, the modern version of the “renaissance workshop”. Andrea Santoni, expert journalist in this field, leads the reader through the pages of this journey, finely illustrated with the intense images by Susanna Pozzoli, sensitive artist of culture, entirely realized within the company building. You will learn about the shoe factory’s founder, his wife Rosa always present in the company and their son Giuseppe, who has been able to continue the family tradition. A refined craftsmanship, that turns the factory into an art workshop. Every single pair of shoes is a unique creation with a distinct design. The pages of the book talk about the production system, also visually, quoting the various departments, and describing the master craftsmen at work, locations, tools and materials used. An opportunity, as well as a book, to discover the most intimate story of Santoni, from its birth in 1975 until today. All in 241 pages.



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