Cuvette Brut 2007, Villa Franciacorta toasts to Expo

A bottle for special occasions. Villa Franciacorta has chosen to dedicate to the Universal Exposition its piece de résistance: the exceptional Cru Cuvette Brut 2007, a delicate millesimato, from the perlage fine and persistent. Everything is special, included the label. The stylized image has a deep meaning and a close connection with Expo. The creative graphic pattern is the winner of a competition for students at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Entrants included students from all over Italy and also some countries in the world, in perfect Universal Exposition’s style.

The winning proposal was designed by Valeria Pozzi: her label is the one reproduced on the 2015 bottles of the Cuvette special edition. Each detail has a meaning. The shape is round like the Earth, in blue to highlight water, a precious resource that Villa Franciacorta has always respected. The yellow color is like the sun, and the maternity is represented by the feminine figure, a mother who feeds the baby since the first hours of life, an allusion to the nutrition theme of Expo. The hand holding up the fruit in its palm, barely touching it, represents the care and attention paid to fruit, a gift of land, by the Villa winery.

The Cuvette Brut 2007, noble and elegant millesimato, is made with Chardonnay (85%) and Pinot Nero (15%) grapes. The fermentation is first in barriques for a long aging on yeast, at least 80 months to create a colorful palette of sensations: yellow peach, pippin apple, hazelnut and vanilla, and sweet spices, an appealing bouquet for the mind and palate. Cuvette Limited Edition Villa Franciacorta, together with Expo, is a real toast to nature. The event will be the final of the 11th edition of the Sparkling Menu in September 2015 at Borgo Villa. A further reason for a toast. Cheers.



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