Ferrari GTC4Lusso: The FF heirs, showcases at Geneva Motor Show

Heirs of the FF, the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso debuts at Geneva Motor Show 2016. To get on board is an experience of comfort in any gear condition. The car’s name reminds the illustrious predecessors 330 GTC and 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, with the usual refinement in materials for extreme performances, in a new 12 cylinders. The new Ferrari patented 4RM traction control system allows exceptional performances in every condition. Equipped with the last generation of the naturally aspirated V12 Gran Turismo Ferrari, the new GtC4Lusso successfully combines touring elegance with sporty performances.

The motor is a gem. The new 6.2-liter V-12 now boasts 681 hp at 8,000 rpm and 80 percent of its 514 lb-ft of torque is available from just 1,750 rpm, making the GTC4Lusso the most powerful four wheels in the segment of the sector. In fewer numbers and more practical terms, this also translates into a great acceleration response. The aerodynamic and elegantly designed silhouette improves by 6% the drag coefficient.

The GTC4Lusso gets its design from Centro Stile of Maranello, directed by Flavio Manzoni. The sporty soul of this car is underscored by the forms and styling of the rear, where the curve of the roof has been lowered while retaining enough volume to guarantee exceptional space -and comfort – for all four occupants. An ode to sporty luxury – and another first for the GTC4Lusso – is the new Dual Cockpit architecture designed to enhance the shared driving experience for both driver and passenger. The 10,25’’ full HD touchscreen also underlines the luxury factor for this GT.

Intuitive infotainment system complete with Apple CarPlay connectivity, 3D map navigator and new Jacinto processor. Four seats, 4,92 meters in length, 1,98 in width and 1,38 in height, this car can reach 335 Km x hour, with a burning Sprint: from zero to 100 in just 3,4 seconds.




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