A Ducati 1199 Panigale S “Senna” for Sebastian Ogier

Sebastien Ogier received an exclusive gift from Volkswagen Motorsport: a Ducati 1199 S “Senna” motorbike. This special present can be considered a unique piece, made in a limited edition of only 161 exemplars equalling the number of Grand Prixes Senna has raced in, and available only in the Brazilian market. This particular version is perfect to celebrate great sport accomplishments such as the second world rally championship, and it is recognized as a great item of mechanical engineering named after Formula One champion Ayrton Senna of which Sebastian Oiger has always been a fan. The prize has been bestowed in the Ducati factory located in Borgo Panigale in the presence of the company’s top managers. From this site, the two wheels has been transferred to Wolfsburg at Volkswagen headquarters to further honor the title. The color choice is not fortuitous. It’s the same Senna picked during his visit at Ducati in 1994 and it has already been adopted to finish the fairing of 300 units manufactured in 1995, which marked the first version dedicated to the South American ace. We’re talking about a gray 916SP with red rims, that same “916 Senna I” which was commercialized in only 300 specimens followed by two other versions: the “916 Senna II” and the “916 Senna III”, produced and sold in 1997 and 1998. What makes these three vehicles exclusive is the fact that only a small number was ever built, and today, given their rareness, they’re still able to ignite the passion of the biggest collectors spread all over the world. This one of a kind bolide is based on the original design of a Panigale S and it is destined, exclusively, to the Brazilian market whereas it can’t be purchased in Europe making it a truly prestigious and blue chip gift. Each bike has a progressive serial numbering engraved on a uniquely designed steering head. Oiger received the motorcycle # 16 to commemorate Senna’s first F1 victory, at the Portuguese GP driving behind the wheel of his Lotus 97T.  



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