Contrast Collection, Smania. Latest buzz by Alessandro La Spada

Leather, fine wood and steel.  Smania emphasizes its personality , but it does it with a creative touch. Unusual colours, new decorations and new ways of using the materials that now represent the signature of the Venetian brand. The new collection is called Contrast, and it focuses first and foremost on the contamination. Designed by Alessandro La Spada, it consists of about twenty pieces of furniture and accessories for every room of your house:  living room, dining room, bedroom as well as the office. A wave of new colours.  Smania, with Contrast, features Alessandro La Spada with colours, unusual shades and bright tones borrowed from fashion and with an automotive soul, thus re-interpreting the luxury lifestyle in an entirely new way.  Powder pink, teal, avio blue and salmon pink are the colours for leathers and fabrics, while the wood is embellished with flowing shapes reminiscing the oriental style. The collection also includes the Harrison bed, signed by Katerina Elizarova, a young Russian designer who was awarded the “Best Designer of 2015” by Elle Decoration. This is a further demonstration of how Smania wants to continue and invest in the creativity of young people.

Two series for a distinctive collection. The Lock is characterised by the unmistakable shape of a lock that becomes distinctive architecture on every piece of furniture, from the sofa to the dining table, from small tables to chest of drawers. The game consists in reversing the conventional use of materials: wood -that used to be always on the outside is moved to the inside, and the outside becomes a surface made of processed leather and “MicroNabuk”. The result is a delight for the viewers, and this overturning and contrast of perspectives are only possible thanks to Smania high masters of wood.

The Jersey series is inspired by the fabric, with shapes recalling the typical Oriental style. Eastern flowing style on wood and leather upholstery create a unique texture, a dazzling and delighting effect on chairs, lamps and wooden furniture.  And, speaking of wood, two are the stars of the Contrast Collection: the walnut noce calanetto frisé and the walnut and tobacco rosewood, both with a glossy finish.

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