Askoll, Made in Italy electric bike

Askoll is the first manufacturer and distributor of electric vehicles all Made in ItalyThe eB1 electric pedal-assisted bike, which can go for more than 100 km with a 5 cents charge and the S1- a scooter – are both the result of one hundred specialized technicians with a passion for urban mobility innovation. The brand’s values are hw3a better quality of life in reductions the footprint of city commuting and traveling with the use of innovative electric motors that permit great energy savings and improved performance while ensuring a high degree of safety.

Founded in 1978 by Italian Elio Marioni at Povolaro di Dueville- Vicenza – the company initially produced innovative aquarium pumps, extending later on the concept to the sector of drain pumps for washing machines, dishwashers, heating and air conditioning. Since 2008, Askoll aims to enter the automobile market, with innovative technologies applied to sustainable urban mobility. The concept seems to gain popularity and by the end of 2016 the new city electric car is supposed to born. For this revolutionary company, it is very clear that in testing the eB1, we have a taste of the future-today.  

The eB1 elegant style and essential design speaks out loud for the beautiful execution of this eco-friendly, pedal-assisted bicycle. The 250 W brushless electric motor and 50 Nm couple gets his charge from a lithium-ion battery with Panasonic components, allowing a max velocity of 25 Km hourly. The charge can be easily removed, taken home and charged in its connector that can be plugged in every home socket. Most noticeably design wise , the brake system is integrated in the middle of this bike, making the design truly unique.

For longer distances the most natural choice would be the eS1 scooter, a little jewel of his own. Same battery as in the eB1, the power is 1,5 kW with a 100 Nm couple, the battery weight 8 kg. Three travel modalities : eco, normal and power, to easily switch between streets lights or speed up to 45 km per hour without stopping at the gas station. Eco-friendly as well as efficient, the scooter CO2 is just 7 grams for kilometer, or 90 per cent less compared to the average scooter – 70 CO2- let alone a regular car, which spikes around a 100 carbon dioxide.

Bike and scooter are both highly customable, with 14 color choices to mix with a multitude of accessories : baskets, bag-carriers, lateral containers and tech sportswear designed by Tucano Urbano. Askoll “+ Mobilità” project aims to render electric mobility more and more accessible and ecological. So far, the company achieved his target and the electric vehicles seems smoothly moving out of the 14 selling points across Italy.

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