The great Russian violist Anna Serova turns into a Renaissance lady

If Piero del Pollaiolo had met her along the streets of Florence at the end of 1400, the absolute master of the Renaissance art of portraying would have chosen “madonna” Anna (as they would called her at that time) as model for his Portrait of a Lady, one of the greatest masterpieces of Florentine portrait work of the second half of the 15th century. Although becoming an Italian citizen only few weeks ago, Anna Serova, talented Russian violist and muse of the most important contemporary composers, has already her rightful place among the “classic Italian” beauties as protagonist of Ad ogni donna il suo profilo (“To every woman its profile” ), a series of photographic portraits by the most prestigious Italian photographers associated with the unmissable exhibition “The Ladies by the Pollaiolo brothers. Works from a great Renaissance workshop”,  right now on show at Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan. You have an unique chance to be captivated by the famous oil on panel of the Lady displayed, for the first time in its history, next to its three “sisters”. Until 19/1 you will also be enchanted by the modern interpretation of those Renaissance portraits on photographic paper, realized by Massimo Zingardi. Before his camera Martina Colombari, dancer Luciana Savignano, social blogger Elisa Provaso and of course Anna Serova (whose regal beauty rivals with the original Pollaiolo brothers models), became modern Renaissance Ladies. Anna Serova is a unique figure on the international music scene; the most prestigious orchestras (the Moscow State Symphony, the Siberian Symphony and the Krasnovarsk Orchestra to name just a few) have competed over the years for her extraordinary artistic skill. Anna Serova much more than a concertist. She is also a screen-writer and an expert of the centennial Italian excellence in lute-making, she made a documentary film for the Russian TV Kultura: The Birth of the Violin, about the violin making art of Cremona.  A big artist with an even bigger heart: Anna Serova is testimonial -together with other personalities like Bill Gates, the violinist Isaac Perlman, actors and directors from all over the world, for End Polio Now, a Rotary International  project to vaccinate children against poliomyelitis. Top-level musician, TV celeb, cultural ambassador, testimonial of charitable and worthy causes and Lady of Renaissance, Anna Serova is all that and even more. Our new fellow citizen of excellence is ready for the challenge of 2015: a new CD with the HRT-Zagreb Symphony Orchestra directed by the Italian Nicola Guerini, and the first performance of Viola Tango Rock project in Brazil and Israel, an impressive crossover show where Anna Serova plays the acoustic viola first, then the electric one and in the grand finale she dances Argentine tango, a passion she has been cultivating for more than 10 years. The MFM family is proud to warmly welcome her among Italians.



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