Speedometer Official: bezel pens by Marco Gatti

After the bracelets and the clothing, here comes the “calibrated bezel” for pens -100% Made in Italy- designed by Marco Gatti for Speedometer Official. The Turin based designer transfers the concept of calibrated bezel from wrist to hand with a unique design for rollerballs and fountain pens. The latter ones are – naturally – the most precious version of the two, boasting a 316L steel nib that enables smooth and fluid handwriting while the rollerball version can count on a high-quality ink refill. These refined stainless steel writing instruments are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. The choice of colors is extra elegant black and cool, shiny silver.

Both versions are hand lacquered to render a smooth and polished look with a velvety feel to the touch.   These pens are scratch resistant, thanks to the IP coating, which follows the lacquering technique.  The bezel motif is interchangeable so the ring color can change practically every day.

A touch of fun comes from the actual ink and it shows up at night: the writing glows in the dark.



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