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Savoirs Enluminés, Vacheron Constantin inspired to Middel Ages

A 60-piece limited series takes us on a voyage of discovery to the very heart of the Middle Ages. The Savoirs Enluminés Watches are an extraordinary Vacheron Constantin creation with a unique time display, ultra-thin selfwinding caliber and the perfect mastery of decorative arts. The timepieces take inspiration from the Medieval miniaturized illustrations becoming real works of art. The Maison pays tribute to the Aberdeen Bestiary, an ancient Celtic manuscript handwritten in the 12th century with a complex technique requiring a deep collaboration between scribes, painters and gilders.

The sublime art of miniaturized illustrations becomes a watch. The Métiers d’Art Savoirs Enluminés collection comprisesthree 20-piece limited editions with each timepiece illustrated with an animal from the Aberdeen Bestiary. The complexity of these timepieces can be seen at first glance through a twin-level 22-carat gold dial with an approximately 40-hour power reserve.  The first of this trio is the “Altion”, a beautiful seabird linked to Water, building its nest on the seas, no matter what the weather, and symbolizing serenity. The second model, “Vultures”, is adorned with two fowl back to back – the quintessential ambassadors of the Skies, casting a knowing glance. Against a graded pink background, their bodies form a circle, the symbol of infinity and longevity. The third model, “Caper” – is devoted to the Earth It presents a midnight blue goat with a piercing gaze.

Vacheron Constantin, the oldest horological Manufacturer, puts its experience and know-how to present a timeless collection. Savoirs Enluminés Watches will be the joy of aesthetes but also of technical details enthusiasts.


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