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Mimì Jewels as stylistic code

The most exclusive Mimí Broggian Milano collection is enriched with new unique pieces. Objects of desire with a strong distinctive personality that never go unnoticed. “Astrea”, the sidereal sign characterizing many creations, offers suggestions of faraway places, underling its elitist nature. Only extraordinary beautiful gemstones are selected for Via Gesù creations, intense colors, perfect cuts, extremely pure diamonds: the harmony of absolute beauty in every single piece. A joyful burst of color characterizes “Happy”, an exquisite rainbow of colored briolette cut gems, from which you can choose your favorite nuance. The pink gold combined with diamonds and sapphires creates even brighter and vivid rainbow reflections. You can choose ton-sur-ton earrings and rings, for a ladylike effect, or dare with original chromatic combinations of earrings and pendants, to create each time a different effect. The “Oro Filato” collection enhances two Made in Italy excellence, the goldsmith handicrafts and the fine textiles industry. The marvelous collection pieces  have been created with an innovative patented technique, that, after countless attempts, made it possible to obtain a real 24 karat gold yarn. Diamonds and sapphires characterize the radiant “Rose” collection.  Alone or in a delicate bouquet, it exhibits without modesty, rings and necklaces, earrings and pendants, telling the story of a queen in the Kingdom of flowers. Lastly, fretwork inlays characterize the original designs reproduced on “Shelley” collection pearly surface. Two elegant variations: pink gold embracing white mother-of-pearl, or diamonds circle and silver mother-of-pearl. The white mother-of-pearl laser cut is the typical Mimí Broggian Milano cut: it evokes, in fact, the hearts motif of Juliet collection’s romantic rosettes.


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