Montblanc honors Vasco da Gama

Elegant design and innovative mechanisms: the Montblanc limited-edition Heritage Chronométrie Collection unites the heritage of fine Swiss watchmaking with the quest for utmost precision. The collection is inspired by the explorer Vasco da Gama and his extraordinary spirit of discovery. The explorer’s obsession for precision is connected with the Haute Horologerie heritage. Precision has always been the supreme goal pursued in the timepieces realization, which became synonym of the French word “chronométrie”.

Montblanc mechanisms aim at precision and perfection. An ambition that is perfectly declined in the three innovative and practical new complications, made for daily use, together with the further evolution of a patented complication from 2010. The collection presents a timepiece that indicates both local time and hometime with a highly functional dual-time manufacture complication, also provided with the annual calendar complication, it expresses Montblanc’s design skills.

Montblanc took up the prestigious Minerva’s legacy of chronometric innovation, the distinctive specialists in one of the most important Swiss watchmaking tradition. The Heritage Chronométrie collection is embellished with alligator skin straps, a Made in Italy realization by Montblanc Leather, the Maison’s manufacture located in Florence. Montblanc is one of the few Swiss watchmakers able to completely manufacture its own straps. Quality before everything. The precision and functionality of the Maison’s timepieces have been rigorously tested in the Montblanc Manufacture in Le Locle. The Heritage Chronométrie collection, specifically, had to pass the 500 hours laboratory test. Only with a positive result a timepiece can be put on market, with the high-quality warranty certificate.


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