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Stella McCartney An elegantly deconstructed collection

Stella McCartney Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection is a celebration of freedom, exploring the brand’s shapeless classics, always teasing sensuality and elegantly deconstructed. Silhouettes slowly free themselves unveiling the feminine sensitivity. The fabrics’ lengths are stratified, enveloping the body, easy to wear, breezy and fluid, revealing a delicate sensuality. Her touch of masculine-meets-feminine came in luxurious mélange grey and dark loden wools. The structured coats are gently modeled to follow the silhouette’s line. Flared pants, emphasized by pleats and elongated turn-ups. Flowing silhouettes in monochrome warm colors. A weightless eco-friendly merino wool, from Patagonia, becomes a second-skin for soft short ribbed knitwear in fisherman style, and felt fabrics designed on the body.

Tweed and melton camel are pulled apart and put back together, creating feminine looks thank to eclectic metallic fabrics like floral brocades, gold lurex in ancient pink shades, and silk lame jacquards decorating dresses and skirts. The “Fur Free Fur” coats, in ivory and black, are embellished by stitched embroideries, creating floral and geometric patches. All the collection pieces are matched with tight boots with buttons, laced décolleté shoes, soft curved clogs in fine eco-leather,  or brocaded velvet, in ancient and brushed gold colors.

Noma bags in soft eco-leather in gray, black, green with gold finishes; black velvet clutch in eco-leather, featuring multicolor stones rings handle, producing a marbled effect.


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