The new Moncler’s fairytale

An advertising campaign told through the narrative of a fairytale, inspired by Nordic, Russian and Slavic folklore. Moncler Fall/Winter  2015-16 ad campaign has been shot for the second time by the extraordinary American photographer Annie Leibovitz. The two models protagonist, are real-life brother and sister, twins in the fiction, Lucky and Pyper Smith – Lucky, The Atomics’ bass player, and his sisters Pyper, Starlie and Daisy. Moncler universe once again chose a different innovative approach, communicating its message in a narrative campaign through an organic story-telling vision, in a fantasy and fairytale atmosphere. The ‘Fairytale’ the brand has chosen to tell, gradually unveiled image after image, goes beyond the classic campaign shots, isolated and settled, and infuses the brand itself with a bit of whimsy and surprise.

The campaign has clear evocative references. It’s inspired by Tolkien’s novels and Hans Christian Andersen’s “Snow Queen,” as well as the “Baba Yaga,” a supernatural being in Slavic folklore. Moncler embraces the uniqueness of the project, seeking for a free and unlimited creative approach. The location is breathtaking: South-East Iceland. Suggestive snowy landscapes, with no sign of human presence, shown through successive images engaging with viewers at an emotional level. Waterfalls, impressive colossal ice concretions, superb icy mountains shaped by the wind, glaciers imbued with light, dazzling dreamlike winter beaches, surrounded by a pure metaphysical sea. Leitmotiv: snow and ice. The white purity of glass and surfaces’ transparencies is sometimes covered with black lava powder erupted by many local volcanoes.

The happy ending of the story, in a sort of exorcism, is signified by sunnier images featuring green grass and moss, symbolizing the cathartic melting of the pathos thanks to the power of pure love.

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