Stefan Hafner: Lights without having to look at the Stars

It’s hard not to be caught by the glow and the thousand vibes created by the elaborated jewels by Stefan Hafner. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings by the Maison, take the viewer on a journey that can satisfy both the sight and the touch, in a way that rarely a jewel manages to. Especially in the recent collections, the brand has focused on the theme of constellations, by creating the extraordinary lines Sirio and Pegaso. Both luxurious and refined, they’re designed to evoke the stars and their mysteries with explosions of precious and colored gems.

In the Pegaso collection, in particular, sapphires, diamonds, and fancy diamonds chase one another in irregular and broken circles, replicated on rings that reproduce the magic of the celestial bodies move. These pieces are also characterized by a contemporary mechanical movement and by certain appeal. Stefan Hafner, however, went further and, starting from these premises, he showcased Gemini and Leo at the Fiera di Vicenza 2016. These two collections bring the concepts above from the world of astronomy to the much more mysterious world of astrology. With atmospheres that have always fascinated and intrigued women by affecting their inner energies.

Gemini is a revision of the classic eternity ring, via two components: the explosion, on the traditional white and pink gold base, of sapphires and white and brown diamonds and, secondly, the possibility, just as in the sign of Gemini, of combining two pieces into one. As for the Leo collection, the inspiration is clearly the mane of the lion, whose shape inspires rings made of blue and pink sapphires, white diamonds and rubies. Jewelry  with a majestic look and an intriguing concept behind. To be continued, of course…



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