Hublot chooses Berluti Venezia signature leather

A complex operation which turns into a real challenge, Hublot watch quadrant is actually coated in Berluti Venezia signature leather – traditionally used only for straps in watchmaking – to give an inimitable “soul” to the two models, both offered in limited edition.   Classic Fusion Berluti All Black model is chock-full with personality, with the dial in Venezia leather that’s a striking grey-black. The strap features the Berluti “Gaspard” slash. The 45 mm chassis in black ceramic encloses the automatic mechanical movement HUB 1100. A real collector’s item- 500 pieces limited edition- rendered by the sophisticated quadrant and the superior quality of its craftsmanship.

The Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto is inspired by 18th handwriting century, which can be admired in the strap, made of Venezia calf leather. The style plays with colors, selected by Olga Berluti. The first visual impact is a total balance between the leather quadrant in tobacco color masterfully combined with warm “ King Gold “Hublot nuances. The Classic fusion straps are crafted following the same meticulous care applied to the famous leather Berluti shoes, from the model definition to the cut, as well as the final assembling and lacquering. The watches are presented in black or gray Venezia leather jewelry boxes.

Hublot counts more than 70 mono-brand stores in 39 countries, many of which are located in prestigious touristic destinations. The iconic models Big Bang and King Power, assured a position of respect for this Swiss brand in the watchmaking panorama, also noticeable for its vanguard vision and international collaborations. The most recent one, with Berluti, underlines the constant search for new and exclusive combinations again.  

Founded in Paris in 1895, Berluti is worldwide renowned for its unique leather finishing and four generations of expertise in artisanal shoemaking.  Since 2011, brand menswear collections are also available in 40 boutiques, scattered around the globe

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