Federica Rettore F/W 2015-16 jewels, can’t do without

Seoul, Tokio, Firenze, Portorico, Ginevra, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Beverly Hills, Milano, Aspen, San Francisco, Chicago and, of course, New York:  women used to have always the best from life, classy ladies with a unique and exclusive style down to the smallest detail, have a secret name in their agenda when it comes to jewels: Federica Rettore.

Since 1994, when she established her own company, Rettore Jewels, to design and produce her own line of jewelry, her faithful customers have two important annual events to attend: the designer’s fall/winter and spring/summer collections presentation.

If you are a luxury addicted but can’t make it to Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue, or to the Barneys New York preview (on Madison Avenue or in one of the exclusive luxury shopping center in United States), well it is not a problem. The Milanese designer has chosen MFM to present her precious FW 2015/16 creations, so you can choose your favorite jewels to enrich your look for the next cold days. It is a collection inspired by nature, the gemstones, naturally born from the earth, are proposed in all shades of colors, perfectly calibrated like abstract paintings.Pink gold and silver bangles finely chiseled, with brilliant cut diamonds and rose cut brown diamonds decorating the intense grey iolite or the deep green  amazonite, will adorn your look for the first fall. Soft leather details will appear from cashmere sweater, surrounding an exquisite diamonds and rubies “egg”; a true Zebu horn (bos, bos indicus, farmed in Madagascar), in white, black or mélange, will finish your first long sleeve shirts.

And for those who are not afraid to dare, extra luxury handcuffs, in pink gold and silver combined with stainless steel and Zebù horn, with precious selected diamonds and colored gemstones, like those on  Federica Rettore earrings, winning the Couture Design Awards 2011, in the Colored Gemstones Below $20,000 category.

Moreover, if you want to feel sensual and aggressive, choose Alba Panthère jewels with a name that doesn’t need further explanation. Think about patterns appositively created in Zebu, these exquisite bracelets are composed by perfectly assembled tiles, creating at daylight soft effects as impalpable texture on your wrist.  Federica Rettore’s creativity and impeccable style, out of a restless aesthetic research and, most of all, made in Italy Dna give life to small sculptures to wear. In more than 18 years of creative experience, she mastered the art of interpreting what women want (especially thanks to a long life experience abroad).

All that is completely revealed in the Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection. It is difficult to define her style in one word, if excellent is not the one take a look at her creations and…wow! How can you do without?


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