Promenade du Port: design, art, fashion and food in Porto Cervo

A curatorial project arising from the continual search for innovative proposals and contents in design, art, fashion and food. It is not easy to explain briefly the innumerable facets of Promenade du Port. It expresses a new vision of luxury in the heart of Costa Smeralda. A promenade of 350 meters, on two levels,  capable of meeting creativity in all its forms. The open-air concept store houses boutiques, art galleries, cafés and lounge bars, gourmand restaurants. Promenade du Port is a pole of excellence reflecting the real essence of  the bien vivre, characterized by authentic flavors and aromas, special moments and particular experiences in the world of art, fashion, culture and entertainment. The 2015 season in particular, is full of events with international scope. Starting from the MDM Museum, the only museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art present in Costa Smeralda, after exploring the great masters of Pop art, Warhol and Rotella, Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat, this year it will bring Street art in the Promenade with the exhibition  “Urban painting – Street Art Exhibition”, on until 30 September.

Promenade du Port is home to major galleries and it offers to all art and design lovers the opportunity to discover exclusive galleries of international success. PACI Contemporary, Brescia art gallery, inaugurates the exhibition “Jerry Uelsmann & Maggie Taylor: now what?”, dedicated to the two big names of the world of photography. Fumi Gallery, famous London gallery, exhibits avant-garde works by artists like Max Lamb and Johannes Nagel, Simon Klennel and Alex Hull. Art that goes hand in hand with luxury. Rolls-Royce has decided set up an area of 400 square meters – furnished by bespoke Fendi Casa – as exhibition space to offer a test-drive of its last model, along one the most fascinating shore of Sardinia.

Fashion in Costa Smeralda sees the entry of a new brand enriching Promenade du Port: SoloBlu boutique, dedicated to elegant beachwear and accessories, because in Porto Cervo also beachwear deserves special attention. DSquared2 and Aspesi has renovated their capsule collections, and The Dope Factory has expanded its store by doubling the exhibition space. Shopping makes you hungry, and Promenade du Port offers a variety of sensory nuances. Finger’s and Madai are excellent restaurant where you can taste the most refined food; the pizzeria Myrto offers fresh local ingredients; and lastly, a delicious  gelato at La Pasqualina, the only ice-cream making parlor of Costa Smeralda.



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