Maserati Grancabrio Mc, the most sporty ‘discovery’ of the Trident

It is summer time, and it is time to for a drive with wind in your face. A ride on the Maserati Grancabrio Mc fulfills all whishes, for those who can afford it, of course. Inspired and encouraged by the considerable success of the GranTurismo MC Stradale, , the new Grancabrio completes the open-top range with a highly sporty and aggressive look, that is appreciated also for shot journey. At a very first glance it is evident its aerodynamic perfection, elegance and style. Nothing is left to chance: the car, 48 millimeters longer than the GranCabrio Sport, is characterized by a front end which is inspired directly by the MC Stradale, adopting a profile designed to optimize the aerodynamic lift and flow. The rear is characterized by a new spoiler built into the luggage compartment. The bumper has been completely redesigned at the bottom to make the new model even sportier and at the same time ensure optimal aerodynamic efficiency. The dynamism of the GranCabrio MC is accentuated by the 20″ MC Design rims, available in glossy Titanio or matt Grafite, and made using flow-forming technology. In addition to being lighter, they feature the traditional Trident, skillfully worked into the double-spokes.

The V8 engine of the standard version delivers 460 hp. Interiors are really well-finished but with a sports soul. The steering wheel features a new design for greater maneuverability and also for sports and high-speed use. The rear seats have been redesigned according to the same logic: maximum comfort, maximum passenger restraint in sports driving and ample use of quality materials. The frame for the front seats is also available in a completely carbon-fiber version.

The dashboard fabric looks like soft velvet, while the upper body is in refinished plastic. The space is by definition limited, it is a cabrio. But we must specify that Maserati Grancabrio Mc is among the longest in the segment. On the nose, the oval radiator gives the sensation to be suspended forward, while the center of the bumper and the black side air inlets harmoniously woven with the sinuosity of the curves. The roof is in fabric, to be kept lowered only when it is absolutely cold: everyone wants to admire beauty. In this case, a beauty on four wheels and convertible.


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