Leica photo cameras are outstanding and expensive pieces of equipment, with some lens costing almost as a Smart car. They do appeal to true professionals – those who still have the energies to shoot some pictures after a day spent using a Canon,Nikon or Hasselblad  – but also to amateurs with more money than skills (who still get our appreciation though!).

If there’s a god of photography, he’s most likely aware of the fact that the latter are the ultimate key-customers, who have been supporting the market for years despite their limited technical knowledge, which unfortunately makes them take advantage of only the 5% of the purchased products’ potential.

Leica T is the brand’s latest creation, which officially introduces Leica to the world of mirrorless cameras. A stylish product featuring a ‘unibody’ piece of machinery made from a single 1,6 Kg aluminium block whose design has been developed through a partnership withAudi, an APS-C CMOS 16.1 MP sensor,  ISO range of 100-12,500 (with the option to shoot continuously at 5fps for up to 12 shots) 16GB built-in memory, 3.7? TFT LCD touchscreen display boasting 1.3-million-pixel resolution, FullHD video recording, built-in Wi-Fi and iOS app for remote functions including social media sharing.

However, Leica T‘s most important feature is its € 1,545 price tag, to which you should add the cost of new lens – perhaps choosing between the Vario Elmar T 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 (€ 1.490) and the slightly more expensive Summicron T 23mm f/2 (€ 1.650) – and then give it the final touch with a Visoflex viewfinder (€ 465).

Info: Leica

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