Previews – It’s an intriguing story and it’s about the iconic circular slide rule bezel that has revolutionized the world of high-performance watchmaking. It’s most likely the distinctive feature of the watch you’re wearing on your wrist right now.

And that sliding ring with its numerical scale is not only an important component of divers’ watches of any brand – and we feel compelled to specifically mentionSubmariner  – but also it’s a new concept of style, a real, tangible trend. How can we forget about those watch bezel shown off by the most iconic showbiz stars such asSteve McQueenPaul NewmanMarilyn Monroe and Sean Connery?

Well, get ready for revolution: as from today, Speedometer Official, headed by Turin-born designer Marco Gatti, has picked up from where it was left off and is currently trying to transfer and develop the concept beyond the craft of watchmaking.

Starting from a steel bangle bracelet with a motif featured on a large number of celebrity bezels (and indeed, there is also a diamant version of it) we move forward towards totally different kinds of merchandise such as clothing, writing tools and accessories in general.

Here at MFM we are placing a bet in favour of bangles taking over all European (but not only) tourist ports in the summer only to further spread later on to big and small cities alike. Let’s get back to it in September, in the meanwhile take a look at our gallery.

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