Philippe Camperio relaunches Borsalino

Italian businessman Philippe Camperio, together with a private equity investment company with real estate and luxury assets, is spearheading efforts to rescue troubled luxury hat maker Borsalino. Haeres Equita S.r.l. signed an agreement with Borsalino Giuseppe & Fratello S.p.A.to relaunch the historic hat maker company. Borsalino said it would draw up a plan to be presented in chapter 11-like proceedings under which Haeres would guarantee creditors and become the owner of the company. Haeres Equita, a private equity investment company with its head office inValenza (AL) and co-founded by Philippe Camperio and Edouard Burrus, presented its strategy aimed at maintaining the current production of the plant in Alessandria and invest in human and economic resources to support Borsalino growth. 


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