Meritalia : exclusive design made in Italy

Synonymous of exclusive quality design since 1987, Meritalia entrusts prestigious international designers Doriana & Massimiliano Fuksas, Alessandro Mendini, Marc Newson, Gaetano Pesce, Karim Rashid, Italo Rota– to name just a few- with the creation of ideas for stylish, highly functional objects and furniture rendered in a -possibly timeless- contemporary style. With constant diligence, Meritalia stays on founder Giulio Meroni’s track: originality and formal functionality, when coupled with tradition for the quality of chosen materials and designs production, are making the difference. The substantially renewed Meritalia designers contributors are among the best around the world, allowing the final result, objects of everyday use, to shine out with functionality and aesthetic pleasure, potentially to be equally enjoyed at home as well as in a New York City’s trendy restaurant.

Producing metal, to work in combination with wood, has also been a strong point of this very particular company, comprehensive of Meritalia Metals and Wood, with a long tradition of high-quality artisanal metal and wood works.   Giving life to productions of every kind and style from start to finish, the quality control in producing, assembling and finishing seems of a paramount importance for this company, surely a desirable quality when it comes to spend money for an extra fashionable piece of furniture.  

Meritalia collaborated with Italian entrepreneur Lapo Elkann in homaging the Fiat 500 with a collection of sofa and tables designed with the iconic car in mind, which can be admired -graphics rejoice- by visiting the Meritalia website. Truth to be told, famous car brands in conjunction with the most authoritative names in design is not a new story. But it is a love-story to be achieved, and Meritalia has Italy imprint on his hearth.

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