Lago protagonist of the Milan Design Week

Enhancing all the positive feelings of your living spaces and translating them in functional elements and design. LAGO summed up this visionin the claim “Welcome Home”, a way to implement the concept of “home feeling”. Not only furnishing, LAGO created interior mood, a collection of lifestyle scenarios that you can use to dress your living spaces. Furnishings, objects, music and colors that you can use to dress your interiors, both private like home, or public like hotels, offices and shops.

Interior Mood has been the protagonist of Milan Design Week 2015 with the aim to be a continuative project: the company planned, in fact, to periodically create new collections to cyclically explore different expressive moods and solutions, to be adopted by customer as base for further personalization or used in combinations to create your own “living domain”. LAGO Interior Mood preview at Milan Design Week was presented in the apartment Lago at 30 via Brera, Milan, in the B&B in via San Tomaso and in the two Lago Welcome in Duomo.

The second news is the Talking Furniture, an innovative project bringing NFC technology in the store. Thanks to a microchip applied on products and showcases, the customer can interact with furnishing in autonomy. By using a specific app on his Smartphone, the costumer can discover information on products, send requests, read books in the bedroom or find recipes in the kitchen.

LAGO’s history traces back to the end of the nineteenth-century, when Policarpo Lago began his career as an artisan woodworker in noble villas and Venetian churches. Today, The company’s global presence includes more than 400 carefully-selected furniture stores and numerous single-brand LAGO stores in cities throughout Italy and Europe, including Rome, Milan, London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin and Praha.



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