Agape, Italian design for your house

With its crucial geographical position between Milan, Veneto and Emilia,Agape has been founded with the vocation of creating new ways of interpreting the bathroom, the company today sets a benchmark for contemporary furniture. Since its beginning, an innate talent for design combined with a desire for exchange and dialogue with the very best in Italian manufacture have made Agape one of the most interesting examples of the Made in Italy brand. Agapecasa extends the vision of Agape to the whole of domestic life thanks to the great repertoire of Arch. Angelo Mangiarotti, introducing in the Mangiarotti Collection some new classic design products, updated according to Studio Mangiarotti.

On top again the insertion system of Asolo table with light and constant profiles, the strict geometry of Loico bookcase, the Schwob coffee table, originally dedicated to the redesigning of the homonymous villa, the project of which had been earlier created by Le Corbusier, the original and precious Cavalletto in marble, all these and more are important milestones in the timeless career of one of the greatest master of twentieth-century design.

The Asolo table series explores the exceptional resistance quality of stone material, utilized here as the sole material. Asolo doesn’t reach its minimal design by following fashion but through knowledge of material, always ahead of the rest in terms of style.Flexibility is the main theme of the Schwob table, the two handles allow relating tables and chairs (created to be postured in Japanese style) according to specific needs. Steel frame with marble, wooden or glass surface upon request.

Cavalletto is a furnishing system made entirely of wood, designed and patented over fifty years ago now, but which still startles us for its versatility and functionality. Its distinctive feature is a trestle in the shape of an upturned “V”, ideal to accommodate bookshelves on which closed containers can be placed. Very popular when it first came out the “Cavalletto” system is an evergreen right down to its very core. Loico is a Storage/Shelving systems open base free-standing formed by cylindrical and stackable basic elements and shelves, also suitable as bookcase.



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