Let’s talk about beauty, and let’s start from the beginning, from the product that all women – and a reasonable number of men too – use every morning: the hydrating cream.

If its presence on our bathroom shelves is unquestionable, choosing the perfect one is not an easy task. To help you out, we’ve selected some products which, thanks to some special ingredients or to some virtuous processes, have revealed to be of outstanding quality.

The great classic: Hydra Beauty Nutrition – Chanel.
Hydrating creams? We feel compelled to start from Hydra Beauty Nutrition. A delicate fruity fragrance combined with a camellia extract that protects and soothes the skin. Thanks to the ‘active principles polyfractioning’ (PFA) process patented by the brand to produce pure active principles to specifically be used for cosmetics, Chanel creams always leave you with a feeling of hydration and moreover, they last much longer than other similar products.

Wine is not just for drinking: M.Asam
m.asam crema
It’s not the first time that grapes’ active principles are used in the cosmetic industry due to their hydrating properties. The added value in the case of M.Asam is the birth of a special face serum made of different elements that only mix when pressing the dispenser. ‘Hydro’ – represented by hyaluronic acid and aloe vera – meets the ‘Lipo’ of natural oils for a result that never disappoints.

Creme chic: Bulgari
Let’s talk about Bulgari. To prevent being left behind by the competition, the world-renowned Italian maison has opted for a mix of its own specialities.  The result is ‘Secret de Gemmes Soin Réducteur Rides Crème Riche‘ a cream made of precious gems – amethyst, tourmaline, citrine, malachite and sapphire – which, according to scientific research, when combined with hydrating agents such as hyaluronic acid, reveal some extraordinary hydrating properties.

A designer eye countour: Dior
How do we solve the recurring problem of puffy eyes, with which we have to deal virtually every morning? Dior has come to our aid with a special formula developed to target the issue of those unflattering bags under the eyes and also to relieve the contour’s congestion. Moreover, this refreshing, pleasing to the touch gel is specifically designed foryoung skins, therefore it feels light and gets absorbed in the matter of seconds, which usually doesn’t happen with anti-wrinkle creams.

The gold cream: Collistar
To celebrate 30 years of successful trading in the cosmetic industry, the Collistar brand has launched a product that embodies the concept of ‘beauty made in Italy’: a golden version of a deeply hydrating cream. We are talking about Collistar’s flagship serum which contains a special colloidal gold formula. The result is a cream that keeps the skin hydrated in all sorts of climatic conditions, giving it extra natural luminosity thanks to its golden powder.

Science at your doorstep: YSL
ysl hydra feel
Last but not least: Yves Saint Laurent, which has established itself as a major player in the cosmetic field with its range of innovative high quality skincare products. In particular, we want to recommend the Hydra Feel line, which is based on a new technique that affects a key-enzyme in charge of cells reproduction through a combination of sugars extracted from chestnuts and flavonoids from larch trees. The process is not  exactly simple,  but it’s definitely effective!

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