Esxence 2015, perfume intoxicates life

The 7th edition of Esxence – from March 26 to 29 – has an unique location: The Mall. The event summoning up the best brands, perfumers and cosmetic experts, this year will be held in the innovative exhibition area of Porta Nuova; after the extraordinary success of the last edition 2014 – hosted by the Milan Triennale – the show goes back among Milan’s skyline.

A unique exhibition hosting about 165 brands with an agenda full of events. This week the fragrance world meets the music. The topic is, “What will happen if fragrances and music meet? What will be created by the fusion of scents and musical notes?”. Not just olfactory stimuli, but also intellectual ones will encourage brands, perfumers and public to find an answer. Seven musical notes and seven olfactory groups originally identified by perfumers,  generate emotions and unique stories.

The Italian perfume industry produces a turnover of 180 million of Euro, about 1,9% of the total beauty sector, and at least 12,5% of alcohol sales, through 300 stores. The novelty of 2015 edition is Esxkin – The Excellence of Beauty, completely dedicated to high-quality international cosmetics brands, representing the excellence of cosmetic and make-up.

Round tables and workshop to discuss markets and cosmetic. A three days agenda full of meetings and events, like the award ceremony of the literary competition  “Les dandys aux parfums, the elegance of a dandy – write about an emotion that made you feel special”, promoted by WriteWear, in collaboration with Parfums d’Orsay. The welcome hall of Esxence 2015 will be animated by the musical notes of a grand piano, to enhance the link between smell and hearing. Since the first edition, Esxence has offered the opportunity to directly meet the influencers behind the brands as well as superstar perfumers and industry experts, a direct approach, and the foundation of Artistic Perfumery.

Esxence – The Scent of Excellence 2015

The Mall, Porta Nuova, Milan

March 26 – 29 2015

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